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Digital Documents

Content Manager

  • It is a content manager  enterprise (ECM) which covers  from the digitization and consultation of  documents, going through streams  work and forms, until  process transformation with  predictive analytics; the platform of  Laserfiche provides a framework  progressive to organizations that  seek to embrace the benefits of  technology for your workplace.

Digital customer onboarding

  • Digital onboarding is an identification process (face-to-face or not  face-to-face) that allows users to register as new customers  of products or services online. The identification and registration of customers is done through various technologies-  biometric signature  digital, character recognition, among others - to perform; a high  customer / user, data extraction and validation, as well as  the capture of documents (official ID, proof of address, etc.).

Digital transformation model

  • This model is the route to transform your office into a place  of digital work, under a structured framework; for the  content digitization, process automation,  robotic processing and analysis tools.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technology for automating  large volumes of tasks performed by people, based on rules of  business. RPA software robots work with systems and data  exactly like a person does, but at higher speed and with great  precision. Additionally the robots can work 24x7x365.


  • We have a powerful software  business process automation (WorkFlow)  that promotes continuous productivity with  rules-based routing, activity monitoring  and integrated reporting.

  • Workflows:

Custom designed flows

Integrated with Forms

Control panel

User Tasks Panel

Email notifications

Desktop / Mobile Version


Graphic tool, with more than 150 activities  drag and drop to easily create streams  personalized work, without the need for any  programming skill.

Process automation

  • RPA

  • Providers

  • Refunds

  • Contracts

  • HR and Assets

  • Debts to pay

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