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Head Hunting

Focused on the Organizational Culture of each Company



Personalized service

We offer specialized service focused on locating the best human talent, taking into account the ideological heart of each of them.
The previous meetings with each of our clients open the doors for us to learn about their organizational culture and thus we can identify the soft and technical skills that will tie with the company.



Our expertise is focused on information technology companies, start ups, family businesses, with vacancies in LATAM and the United States.
On the other hand, we seek to be in all types of companies, start ups, global organizations, educational spaces, etc., where they require our service to have the best human talent.

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Our way of working is to support and guarantee that the person who will be in that new position is what they have always looked for and the company is satisfied with the hiring.



The process with which we work is based on the competency-based management methodology. In the interviews we have experts who carry them out in this way and we follow up with clients and candidates, offering the security throughout the process that they feel accompanied by both from one side to the other.

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The tools we use to recruit are very varied, from specialized facebook groups, twitter, linkedin groups, Linkedin, university job boards and everything related to the vacancy, also counting on personal recommendations.

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