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We are a company that integrates technology, with a focus on customer experience solving the business challenges of our customers.


Ald3a provides a wide range of IT solutions to companies. Driven by a group of trained collaborators with extensive professional experience, engaged in various fields of expertise, Ald3a keeps up-to-date on emerging and evolving technologies, while achieving the successful delivery of proven solutions and services.


We are focused on point of contact technologies with a service delivery team with over 25 years in enterprise computing infrastructure.

We have a work team with different profiles and roles of professionals, from support engineers and infrastructure operation in critical environments; communications and even data analytics experts. All oriented to deliver high quality services, this characteristic being a fundamental part of our value proposition.


Ald3a is a company aimed at supporting organizations to solve business problems related to a satisfactory customer experience at any point of contact, generating loyalty and future visits.  As well as its exploitation, management and monetization; This supported by Partners with the leading technologies in the market.

To serve our ever-growing customer base, we have pioneering spirit and industry vision to develop new services as well as new technologies and solutions for the IoT era.

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We want to be an ally in customer experience looking for the end customer to find a unique and repeatable event in each contact. Generating a differentiator of value for our client and his business. Through being a transformation agent in point of contact technologies. Providing industry-leading, world-class consulting, products and services to meet the business challenges of today and the convergence of tomorrow.



Generate value in IT areas for our clients based on the knowledge and experience of our consultants. We recognize that our first responsibility is to our customers with whom we want to build a long-term business partnership by providing products and services that meet or exceed their expectations.

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Above all, we act with integrity. We maintain at all times our professionalism, objectivity and excellence in the quality of the service that we offer always attached to commercial ethics with world quality. We always honor our promise to meet the expectations of our customers, shareholders and employees.



We provide the best of our capabilities by creating high performance professional teams oriented to success, the achievement of goals and the objectives of our clients. Each and every one of us who are part of the Ald3a team is committed to giving the best of ourselves, within a framework of responsibility, inclusion and human development.


We focus on the user experience to improve our offer and communication with our customers, partners and collaborators play a key role in our innovation cycle. We seek an approach oriented to business creativity, always looking for new solutions that are at the forefront of technological convergence and trends that add value to our clients' business objectives.



We are tenacious because we seek to achieve the achievements of our clients and our own. Looking for productive, profitable and innovative projects through solutions that add value to business objectives. We are constant in the pursuit of everything we started, until we find the best way to execute it.

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