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Confidentiality and Data Protection Notice

Ald3a Int3ligente, S. de RL de CV

Commercial Office in:

Prolongacion Paseo de la Reforma # 1015 S100 P1

Punta Santa Fe Torre-1 1st Floor Office 109

Santa Fe, 01376 CDMX, Mexico

Alvaro Obregon


Terms and Conditions

In order to offer a safe and pleasant environment to users, we have established rules and terms under which the areas of responsibility and rights are delimited, both for Ald3a and for users. We inform you that by accessing our site it is understood that you are aware of this agreement and accept it, as well as to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.


Use of the Site

The information, data, software, photographs, images, graphics, videos, logos, brands, names, commercial notices and any other material within the site (all this known as "content") is the exclusive property of Ald3a Int3ligente, S. de RL de CV - Ald3a, unless otherwise indicated, is protected by industrial and intellectual property laws in Mexico and abroad. All content is periodically reviewed and updated. However, such content is provided for informational purposes only, without any express or implied warranty. Ald3a or its affiliates and subsidiaries do not assume any responsibility for errors or omissions in the information provided by third parties outside of us. In no event will Ald3a or its affiliates and subsidiaries be liable for any special, indirect or consequential damages resulting from the use or performance, errors or omissions in the material, even when notified in advance that such damages may occur.


All the contents on this site are exposed solely as an informative reference on the commercial offer of Ald3a in the periods indicated and not for personal and / or commercial use. You may not copy, publish, transmit, distribute, display, modify, sell or participate in any sale or exploit in any way, all or part of the content. The illegal use of the content of this site, including its reproduction, modification, distribution, transmission, is strictly prohibited. You may download or copy the content and other materials only in the cases that are downloadable and should be kept solely for your personal use. No rights are transferred to you in the materials or software you download as a result of such downloading or copying.


Site Security

Your email and data that you provide will be collected in order to provide services and only for identification purposes, respecting the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties.


Therefore, we suggest these simple steps:

Make your consultations on safe equipment such as home or work. In public places such as internet cafes, or with frequent visits, it is not recommended.

Ald3a will only send you email alerts and requests for specific information that you have previously requested. Any other email requesting information about your accounts, passwords or confidential numbers, we ask you to delete it.


Users are prohibited from violating or attempting to violate the security of the site, including, among others, (i) having access to data not intended for those users or connecting to a server or entering an account to which the user does not have authorization to to access; (ii) try to explore, scan or check the vulnerability of a system or network or violate security or authentication measures without proper authorization; (iii) try to interfere with the service of any user. Violations of the system or network security can give rise to civil or criminal liability.


Information request and e-mail alerts

The information that Ald3a shares and which will be sent when the user requests it by filling out the respective application, will depend on the handling of information that Ald3a establishes internally since there is confidential information which it will not be able to share. Therefore, Ald3a reserves the right to send confidential information.


In accordance with the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Individuals and its Regulations, you are aware that you are responsible for collecting your personal data, the use that is given to them and their protection . Your personal information will be used to inform you about commercial information, conditions, changes, evaluate the quality of the service that you loan.


This is the "Privacy Notice" of Ald3a Int3ligente, S. de RL de CV (hereinafter the "Responsible"), with a commercial office at:

Prolongación Paseo de la Reforma # 1015, Santa Fe, Cuajimalpa 01376 CDMX, Mexico Punta Santa Fe Torre-1 1st Floor Office 109 México, CDMX.

The same that is made available to you (the "Owner") prior to obtaining, Processing and Transferring your personal data (hereinafter the "Data").

For the aforementioned purposes we require to obtain your following personal data:


Company where he works





Data collected and purpose. The Data provided by the Owner to the Responsible Party include: Name, address (office), telephone numbers, fax and email address, which will be processed for the following purpose: (i) Commercial promotions; (ii) marketing studies; (iii) commercial offers; (iv) advertising matters; (v) Provide you with the goods and / or services that you have requested or in respect of which you have expressed interest; (vi) Procure an efficient service and provide better service to the user, as well as to improve their experience in the use of certain products and / or services; (vii) Send and present you goods and / or services that may be relevant or attractive, including your participation in promotions, offers and advertising campaigns; (viii) Inform about changes or new products or services that are related to the one contracted or acquired by the client; (ix) Evaluate the quality of the service, or carry out internal studies on consumer habits


Warning in case of use of electronic means. In the event that the Owner provides their Data through electronic means, including the website (Internet) of the Responsible or any of its clients, then the Owner understands, accepts and acknowledges that:

The website may include links to third-party websites that, if accessed, will cause the website to be abandoned, for which the Responsible party does not assume any responsibility in relation to those third-party websites.


The website may include links to sites that manage social networks, in which case the Owner accepts that, by providing any type of information or Data on said sites, it will cause it to be read, viewed, accessed, retransmitted and processed by any person, and therefore releases the Responsible from any responsibility.


It is possible that the systems of the Responsible Party collect Data from the Owner such as type of browser, operating system, Internet pages visited, IP address, etc., through "cookies" or other systems that allow the automatic obtaining of some data, including their preferences for viewing the pages on that server, name and password, user's IP address, duration of interaction time on said page and the type of browser used.


Sensitive data. The Holder declares that he has not provided and in no case will he provide the Responsible with "sensitive personal data", that is, those intimate personal data or whose due or improper use may give rise to discrimination or entail a serious risk for it. In particular, the Owner undertakes not to provide the Responsible Party with any Data regarding racial or ethnic origin, present and future health status, genetic information, religious, philosophical and moral beliefs, union affiliation, political opinions or sexual preference.


Storage and Disclosure. In order to comply with the purposes of this notice, as well as to be able to store and process your data, it is possible that the Responsible Party will deliver all or part of the Data to third parties, including suppliers of goods or services, national or foreign, who need to know this. information, such as information storage servers, who will be obligated, by contract, to maintain the confidentiality of the Data and in accordance with this Privacy Notice. The Responsible Party undertakes to have the legal and security measures sufficient and necessary to guarantee that your Data remains confidential and secure.


Transfer. The Owner understands and accepts that the Responsible Party is authorized to transfer the Data to third parties, either onerous or free of charge, respecting at all times the purpose of this Notice. If you do not agree that your Data is subject to transfer, then you must skip delivering any Data.


Access, rectification. The Holder will have the right to request the Responsible at any time access, rectification, cancellation or opposition regarding their Data, for which they must send a request to the data that appear below: Prolongación Paseo de la Reforma # 1015, Santa Fe, Cuajimalpa 01376 CDMX, Mexico Punta Santa Fe Torre-1 1st Floor Office 109 The request for access, rectification, cancellation or opposition must contain and accompany the following: (1) The name of the Holder and address or other means to communicate the response to your request; (2) The documents that prove the identity or, where appropriate, the legal representation of the Holder; (3) The clear and precise description of the Data with respect to which one seeks to exercise any of the aforementioned rights, and (4) Any other element or document that facilitates the location of the Owner's Data.



The site may contain some references about the past, present and future performance of Ald3a, which should be considered as good faith estimates made by the Company. These references are limited to reflect management's expectations and are based on information currently available. Actual results are always subject to future events, risks and uncertainties, which could impact the performance of the company.


Copyright and Trademarks

All content on this site is protected by the Federal Copyright Law, international copyright treaties and any applicable legislation that protects intellectual property in favor of Ald3a or its respective owners, against any current form and technology of reproduction. or to come.


As Ald3a is the legitimate owner of the content, selection, coordination, modification and updating of the site, no third party outside of Ald3a is authorized to modify, remove, eliminate, increase, publish, transmit, alienate or obtain any direct or indirect benefit through the exploitation of part or all of our content. However, you can use this content for your personal use and without commercial purposes.


All rights reserved in favor of ALD3A INT3LIGENTE, S. DE RL DE CV


All third party information and the use of logos or brands is only nominative and only to describe or identify the product or service of the company it represents.


All rights belong to their respective owners. And they are referenced non-profit



Under no circumstances will Ald3a be liable to the user or to any other person for losses or damages of any kind, whether direct or indirect, that may derive from or are related to the use or inability to use the site.


Changes to this Privacy Notice:


Modifications. The Owner agrees and agrees that any change to this "Privacy Notice" or to the privacy policies is notified by publishing it on the Internet page The Owner is obliged to periodically visit said site in order to verify the most current version of the Privacy Notice.


This Privacy Notice may be modified in the future. In any case, any modification to it will be made known to you by sending an email to the account that you initially provided us to inform you of this Privacy Notice and / or by publishing it on the following page. web:


Date of last update May 3, 2021

We will not be responsible in the event that you do not receive the aforementioned notice of change in the Privacy Notice due to a problem with your email account or data transmission over the internet. However, for your security, the current Privacy Notice will be available at all times on the aforementioned website.

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